Saturday, December 17, 2005

How to configure your Ergomo Pro ....

So, the question comes up alot. But, since the code is frozen, I thought that I might provide this to help anyone out.

Most folks, I imagine, will skip much of the documentation and go straight to mounting the device on their bike. Out of the box, however, you might have difficulty getting your initial information. So, before giving up, try following these steps before going on your first ride.

While it makes sense to me to configure your Ergomo Pro/Spin computer using the new features in Ergoracer (CyclingPeaks) before installation, it's perfectly fine to go ahead and install the BB and speed sensor first. You can use the Ergomo computer on it's own to configure the information. But, you have to be careful to initially setup all of the information before hoping to retrieve any ride data.


At 10:29 AM, Blogger inghammer said...

Hi Jeff
Sorry if this is a double post. Knowing that you do some coding for peaks. How do you like the ergomo pro I was thinking of buying one.

At 10:39 AM, Blogger jeffh said...

I like it. The sensor seems to be about as bullet-proof as can be. Hunter rode his in the Dominican Republic through three or four days of waist deep mud. No problems. Also, since there's no battery inside the sensor, you don't have to send it back every couple of years.

The CPU attaches to the base bar adjacent to the stem and ends up positioning the unit slightly above and forward of the stem. So, there's no problem adding/removing clip-on bars. The clip is a nice quality with a little "snap lever". So, you get positive feedback when remounting the computer.

The computer itself is slightly larger than an SRM's as you can probably tell from the picture. It's MUCH smaller than it's previous version.



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