Friday, February 09, 2007

Device Agent for OS X

Well, we've been busy lately. Shortly, we'll be releasing a new application for subscribers called "Device Agent". Sure to catch some attention is the fact that DA will be released for both Windows and OS X operating systems. Here's a screen shot just to prove that it does in fact exist.

For those seeking technical information, I'll give you this:

- It is a Universal Binary which means that it should run on either Intel or PPC processors.

-It is designed to run on OS X 10.4 and newer.

-At first, we'll only support the Ergomo Pro, SRM PCV and complete model range of PowerTaps (including the Pro300 PT spin bike). Additional devices will be added in the future.

- To connect an Ergomo or SRM or a PowerTap (using a serial cradle), you'll most likely need a USB/Serial converter cable. While all three have their own solutions, I've found it most painless to simply use a third party cable from Prolific or Keyspan. Just be sure to install the driver software for the cable of your choosing and all will be fine.

- To connect a PowerTap (or the Pro300 PT) using the USB cradle, you'll need to contact CycleOps and install their driver (if you haven't done so already).

At this point, we are about to begin a short testing phase for the products. During this period, we'll also be adding support to WKO+ so that all of this information can be easily brought in for further analysis.