Friday, February 09, 2007

WKO+ on Vista

So, the early adopters have found out quickly that Microsoft has changed things around with their newest operating system. We're receiving lots of questions from people wanting to know if WKO+ runs on Vista. The short answer, YES! But, you'll need to take an additional step during installation until we change things around.

And, before anyone asks. Yes, we'll be changing things around shortly and moving the location of your .wko files.

Basically, Vista no longer allows programs to store their data inside the C:\Program Files subdirectory. Of course, WKO+ still does this and so, you'll need to grant it access to its files. The workaround (<cough>hack</cough>) is simple enough. You'll simply need to grant the USERS group read/write/create/delete/execute privileges for the C:\Program Files\CyclingPeaks WKO+\ subdirectory. Now, even if you are running with Admin privileges, you'll still need to take this step. Alternatively, you could simply run the PeaksWKO.exe as an Administrator - but even I won't suggest that. Anyway, here's a quick shot showing how to make the configuration change.

And, just to prove that WKO+ does in fact run under Vista .... (the quality of the image on your own screen if you have a high resolution widescreen monitor is pretty sweet) ... sorry, these images a dummied down just to save on a little bandwidth.