Friday, January 04, 2008


So, the initial reaction is that some people are having difficulty using perspectives since an oversight on our end didn't make their old charts the default. But, here's a graphic which pretty much summarizes how it works.

I have no older charts, thus my copy doesn't contain a perspective called "My Athlete Charts".

Perspectives can be thought of as individual collections of charts. All of the charts always exist. But, the perspectives allow you to group your charts into meaningful collections.

Perspectives are unique for each athlete. This means that each athlete must have a default perspective (which is used to select the current perspective when the athlete is opened). And, it also means that each athlete may have a different default perspective.

You can view any other perspective at any time. All you need to do is choose the desired perspective name from the dropdown located on the main toolbar.

  • You have the ability to create new perspectives and to remove empty ones (using the top toolbar buttons).
  • You can move charts from one perspective to another simply by using the chart's Options Move to... menu.
  • If you want to include a chart on multiple perspectives, you first need to Options "clone this chart" the chart (which creates a copy right next to it) and then Options Move to... the chart.
  • Charts can now be directly cloned to the chalkboard now as well.
  • You may now also export the entire collection of perspectives belonging to a particular athlete. You should do this at least once anyway just to have a backup of your chart settings.
  • And, you can also import a previously exported perspective collection so that all of the athlete perspectives and charts are replaced. This is a handy way to copy charts from one athlete to another. And, it allows people to share their charts.