Friday, September 22, 2006

Thought it's about time that I updated my blog and proved that I am actually continuing to train. As you can see, we're starting to see a bit more of the blue bars since my CTL is continuing to rise in a rather nice manner.

These past few weeks have been challenging. Until now, I've been taking weekends off from training as I enjoy family time down at the boats. But, it's after labor day now. So, I once again have weekends available. Thus, you might notice that my daily TSS points are actually a bit lower since I am training everyday.

The next challenge has been due to my threshold in cycling changing a few weeks ago (for the better!). The challenging part of that, however, is it means that TSS points are harder to come by. So, if you want a rising CTL then you need to work even that much harder and longer.

Not to be outdone, my running saw an improvement a few weeks ago as well. And, dummy me, I raised my threshold there too. As a sidenote, I've started wearing a new device (can't divulge until after Interbike) on the treadmill. So, I'll be able to show changes occuring in my Mean Min Pace too.

The result was that try as I might, I just couldn't get my TSB down all the way given the time constraints of my workouts (and the willingness to fight through fatigue was lacking a bit too, I must admit).

You may notice that my NP60 shows a bit of a decline during the past few weeks. That's because 1) I'm tired (from running faster/harder and cycling harder/faster) and 2) I never set out to ride hard for an hour. In fact, my only ride lasting that long over the past few weeks was on a Computrainer that wasn't quite calibrated correctly on a day that I probably should have just rested instead. No biggie.

If you recall, my goal was to reach a CTL of 50 and then start swimming. I figure that I've another two weeks before I start spending my lunch hours at the pool.

Anyway, lots of new toys coming in just before the trade show. So, I have to keep training just to generate the data to write the supporting code.

Happy training!!